Ses Mixes les plus récents

The Cure & The Cause (Ubertrigger Short Mix)

Rampa In The House (Ubertrigger Deep Mix)

Peace ‘n Lové – Dans La Légende (Ubertrigger Pnl Mix)

David Bowie – This Is Not America (Ubertrigger Re Rub Mix)

Andhim – Super (Ubertrigger Super Mix)

Cassius – Ibifornia (Ubertrigger Wild Animal Mix)

Hey Do You Want To Funk With Me (Dynamic Vibes) – Ubertrigger

Ubertrigger – Le Vent Nous Portera (Radioshic Mix)

Naive New Beaters – A La Folie & More (Ubertrigger Extended Mix)


Sauce Piquante – Rebolledo (Uber Mondo Alterado Mix)

Jaws & Friends – Midtown (Ubertrigger Mix)

Democracy, I Am Thirsty (Ubertrigger Mix)

Summer ’08 (Ubertrigger Mix)- Metronomy

On Verra Bien (Radioshic Mix) – Ubertrigger

One Pure Thought (Ubertrigger Mix) – Hot Chip

Peace’N Lové – Le Monde Chico (Ubertrigger Mix)

Qu’est ce que sera Demain (On My Team Mix)

Le Bonheur Fou (Nrf Mix)

Music Is God My Love (Original Mix)

Music Is God My Love (Original Mix)

Le Bonheur Fou - (Original Fuck)

Ubertrigger Revisite le RAP

Tree House

Super Flu @ Miami WMC 2016

Into The Night - Ubertrigger (Original Mix)

Curated and Mixed by Ubertrigger

Music Is God My Love (Original Mix)


Mets Moi En Haut '16 - Ubertrigger (Véritable Original Mix)


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